Citius Ltd specialises in the construction, maintenance and refurbishment of urban streetscapes within Dublin City and throughout the surrounding areas.

We can carry out full carriageway construction and carriageway repairs, including carriageway realignments, in both concrete and bituminous products.

Our workforce can carry out full bay footpath construction and repairs and have expertise in concrete, bituminous product, paving and flag stone finishes.

Citius has extensive expertise in the completion of traffic calming schemes throughout Dublin and these include the installation of speed ramps & cushions.

The company also has extensive experience in the completion of drainage schemes.

Concrete drainage lines of varying diameters and manhole construction can be completed with accuracy and precision.

Other Civil Engineering services offer by Citius include:

  • Road Widening
  • Road Maintenance and Upgrade
  • Bus Shelter Installation
  • Quality Bus Corridor (QBC) Construction & Upgrade
  • Building of New Cycle Routes
  • Erection of Signage
  • Car Park Construction and Refurbishment
  • Completion of Village Enhancement Schemes
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